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Nuevos ba\u00f1os se traducen a mejor salud y educaci\u00f3n<\/h1>\r\n

Cientos de estudiantes en Nicaragua ahora tienen las instalaciones b\u00e1sicas que necesitan en la escuela<\/em><\/p>\r\n

Por Enmanuel Castro, gerente de comunicaciones, Nicaragua<\/p>\r\n","language":"es-ES","state":"1"},{"id":"142","title":"Maria Ernestina Martinez","alias":"maria-ernestina-martinez","introtext":"

Maria Ernestina Martinez<\/h1>\r\n


Mar\u00eda Ernestina Mart\u00ednez (30 years old) is a mother of five children aged\u00a02 to 14 years old. She says\u00a0they have had problems accessing water at home for the last four years. \u201cWe did not have water during the day. When we had water it was only for one or two hours at midnight, so we had to wake up at that time to fill up containers. Sometimes we did not have water at all for three days, so my children and I had to walk to the next neighborhood to get some water\u201d.<\/p>\r\n","language":"en-GB","state":"1"}]}