• How We Work
    How We Work

    How We Work

    CCFC empowers communities to create a safe place for children to grow, laugh, learn and play so they can achieve their full potential.

Focus on Children

Children are at the centre of all we do.

We are a child-centred international development organization. We protect and improve the lives of children by helping them realize their basic human rights. Encouraging adults and children to work together is key to positive, lasting change.

We empower communities to create a safe place for children to grow, laugh, learn and play

Our Impact

In Nicaragua...

Sponsored children: 9,232

Beneficiaries: 130,531

Local partners: 6

Communities: 15

Where We Work

Nicaragua Map
Country Office Headquarters
Residencial las Colinas Primera entrada, 1½ Cuadras al Este, Casa #D-8 Apartado Postal: A-184 Managua, Nicaragua
Ciudad Sandino
District/Distrito VII

We help families support the healthy growth and development of children from infancy through childhood to adolescence and young adulthood

Life Stages

Children experience poverty differently from adults. Their age, inexperience, lack of political and economic power, and dependence on others, make them particularly vulnerable to abuse.

We empower children to know their rights, be active participants in their community, and use their voice and talents for change.

Implementation Through Partners

We are proud of our work with local, Canadian and international partners to transform the lives of children. Partners help make our programs possible.

We partner with governments, NGOs, community-based organizations, academic institutions and child, youth and women's groups

Community Development Across Partners

Our work helps communities be safer and healthier places for children to grow and develop using a holistic approach across multiple sectors and needs.

We partner with communities to improve access to medical care, nutritious food and clean water; eliminate barriers to education; create new sources of income; and empower local community groups to lead their own positive change.

CCFC achievements in Nicaragua (for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018):


people have been reached by health-awareness campaigns


families and households are maintaining gardens and producing fruits, vegetables and more
1,614 community members have been provided with supplies and/or equipment

and Nutrition

Investing in health and nutrition means better health for children, improved school attendance, greater life expectancy and fewer childhood deaths.

Education campaigns enable families to be proactive about their health, reducing their reliance on costly medicines.

In cases of abuse or trauma, children and families have access to psychological counselling, which helps victims of domestic violence and exploitation deal with the trauma.


volunteers or committee members have been trained in water, sanitation and hygiene management

Sanitation &

Investing in safe drinking water and sanitation means CCFC can help reduce disease and sickness, and shorten the time it takes to get water for cooking and cleaning — time children can better spend in school.

We have built latrines and proper sanitation facilities in Nicaraguan schools, complete with clean water for washing and drinking. In one project, more than 1,400 young children in the Las Torres and Hilario Sánchez neighbourhoods of Managua, Nicaragua, benefited.

Before we built the new facilities, children were suffering from frequent gastrointestinal infections, all because the school didn't have clean water or any washrooms. Children were missing school, and poor academic performance was common. Now, students are much healthier. They now can take part in sports without fear of dehydration, and they can go to the bathroom at school.


children and youth have received educational supplies


youth have been trained in vocational/life skills
28,000 students, parents, teachers, community leaders and more have been reached by awareness-raising campaigns


Investing in education means creating opportunities for the future. It also helps children grow confidently and know their rights — making them less vulnerable to violence and exploitation and better prepared to be leaders in their community.


females have been trained in collaboration and advocacy


males have been trained in collaboration and advocacy

Economic Growth

Helping adolescents, youths and adults build small businesses and participate in basic skills-training means children develop greater confidence and self-esteem, and parents can provide for their children long after CCFC leaves to help another community.


people were trained in management and skills development


mothers, fathers, guardians and community members were trained in child rights and protections
1,875 children and youth have been trained in children's rights and responsibilities, leadership skills, group management and more


Community members and organizations that work together can achieve positive and lasting change. Empowered communities are safer places for children to grow, laugh, learn and play.

Whenever it rained in sector 14 of Barrios Unidos in Somoto, Nicaragua, water would stream down from the mountains, cutting residents off from the rest of the city. Flooding made it impossible to move around, and every winter, the homes of families living in that area were flooded.

To solve the problem, the community rallied together to promote a bridge-building project in the municipality. With the support of CCFC and its program partner in Somoto, local residents built an underground bridge, known as a Box Bridge.

Approximately 2,655 children and 2,410 youth and adults benefited.

A member of ChildFund Alliance